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We are a multi-specialty dental practice in 

New York City 

Meet Dr Marjan

“Our goal is to go to great lengths to make sure each patient is treated with the utmost dedication and comprehensive dental care and treatment. We always welcome new patients and appreciate referrals from our wonderful patients at Star Dental Smiles”.​

Star Dental Smiles is located in the Upper East Side.


Dentists at Upper East Side, NYC, Star Dental Smiles welcome you, your family, and friends of all ages to diagnose and treat all dental issues and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimens.

Star Dental Smiles welcome you, your family, and friends
of all ages...


Star Dental Smiles is located in the Upper East Side NYC, is a dental practice with multiple services.

Leah R.

"Dr. Kermanshah is incredible. I had serious fears and an extensive list of issues that needed to be addressed. She was kind and patient and helped me set up a treatment plan. I can not say enough nice things about this entire office. This is an A plus operation."

Carlos Solano

"There was some confusion about what I had come in for, but they took the time to make sure all of our expectations were clear before proceeding. I had been afraid to go to the dentist for a long time but after some painless x-rays Dr. Kermanshah dismissed all my worries within 5 mins. Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and competen. ”

"Very friendly and organized office staff. Dr. Kermanshah was very professional and knowledgeable. Although I was the last patient, I didn't get the sense that I was rushed. She took her time giving me a thorough cleaning and fillings. She explained everything thoroughly. I recommend Star Dental Smiles.

Lisa M.



Call us today for a

Dental Examination and Cleaning.

Tel: (212) 249 0877

Monday 2pm-7pm

Tuesday 8 am-7pm

Wednesday  CLOSED

Thursday 8 am-7pm

Friday 8am-2pm

Saturday 8am-2pm

Call us today at (212) 249-0877 and schedule your appointment at your best convenience.






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How does Invisalign work? Learn about how Invisalign's clear aligners are an alternative to metal braces and can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

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